Truth About Six Pack Abs
Is A Ridiculous Program

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When I first looked at The Truth About Six Pack Abs I was expecting crazy circus acrobat type sit ups or East German style crunches or those goofy leg raises I did in high school. Because what else gives you six pack abs besides those old reliable exercises? And to make money, Mike Geary probably just tweaked these three cave man exercises.

Well my curiosity and the fact that I can't tell if my shoes match when I look down, got the best of me. So I grabbed my credit card with my formerly twinkie stained fingers and proceeded to check out the Truth About Six Pack Abs website.

What I read shocked me!
Everything I was doing to see my abs was wrong.

  • The 45 minute treadmill routine-WRONG

  • Eating those "health foods"-WRONG

  • Popping "Fat Burner Pills" like candy-WRONG

  • Doing my 100 crunches a day-WRONG

  • Wearing an Ab Belt 6 hours a day-WRONG

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Due to my ab impairment and the program's money back guarantee, I shelled out the 35 bones for the program. There's nothing to lose, except body fat.

What I got was very cool! Mike should be charging a lot more for this.

What you Get:

  • An extensive diet/nutrition section- Learn what to eat, and when.
  • Comprehensive Anatomy and Abdominal Training sections.
  • A complete list of exercises you shouldn't be doing.
  • The best ab exercises, completely photo illustrated and described.

    This everything you need to burn off body fat to see your abs, I said as I kicked my Ab Belt under the desk.

What did I find??

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a first class program. I see why it's the number 1 selling ab eBook. And for less than $40, it's a bargain. I spent more on fat burners in a week. Another very cool thing is the instant download. You buy something on Amazon and you have wait a good week to get it. With this program, you can be trying it out 5 minutes after you buy it.


I hate to be negative, but there were a couple of things. Maybe it's my ADD, but 150 pages is a lot of reading for me. Good thing there are pictures. And all those darn bonuses Mike gives you. I got all distracted with them and didn't have time to exercise. Doh!

Anyhoo, if you want a set of sexy abs in a matter of weeks, treat yourself to this program. You have 8 weeks to see if it works.

One more question. What will your body be like in a few weeks if you don't start today?

So what's Ridiculous?

Since so many sharp people go through this page, Mike is offering an almost Free offer to my visitors.

For a limited time you can test drive The Truth About Six Pack Abs for only $5.00 . This is the full program-not just a couple of chapters.
Take this offer before Mike comes to his senses.

Who else wants a $5 Test Drive

No thanks, but I'll check out The Truth About Abs website.

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