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I just started lifting 2 years ago. The first year i was a basic high shcool kid i had no idea what i was doing in the weight room. So i started looking up routines. I found way more gains in my strength and overall fitness over the course of 8 months i gained 25 lbs going from 155 to 180. Its very important to know what your doing when you are training. Being a senior in high school this year i hope o learn a lot more about my muscles and the development of them. So I do the simple chest and legs monday, back and shoulders with abs tuesday, biceps and triceps wednesday, rest thursday (or usually light explsive chest and triceps) and on friday do traps, forearms, back and abs. then i rest on the weekends and do it all over. I usually use the 9-12 rep range for 3 to 5 sets to gain mass.

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