My Fitness Story

by Linda

I have always fought with my weight ever since I can recall. Food has been a priority in our household and th highlight of our day. Thus, most of my family is overweight. However, my weight started to get out of control after I had three kids. I couldn't get back into shape after each delivery and added 10-15 pounds to my frame after each baby. The end result was that I began to develop high blood pressure and my blood sugar levels were at the borderline.

I decided then that I had to take drastic measures to get my weight under control again otherwise I knew I would fall terribly ill with some disease or the other. I hired a personal trainer who would come everyday for a power packed 45 minute cardio workout. My meal portion shrank but, the number of meals went up. I was now consuming 5-6 small meals a day which consisted of lean meat portions and complexed starches. I frank plenty of fluids, mostly water and herbal teas.

The difference began to show in my body after about ten days. I began to see curves again and I felt better. My stamina started to build up again and I was out of breath less often. My fitness rate is much better.

I wouldn't mind taking the stairs instead of the elevator and I wouldn't get frustrated if I couldn't find a vacant parking spot right next to the mall. I was more playful with the kids and didn't mind taking my kids to the park.

My whole perspective to life changed and there was a complete paradigm shift. I enjoyed the new me and wouldn't go back to my old eating habits ever again. I never knew I had such a huge store of energy inside of me.

Friends who meet me now are pleasantly surprised by the change in me and my lifestyle.

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