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Proven Bodybuilding Routines:

If you are like me, you have looked for Bodybuilding Routines that pack on muscle as fast a possible.

The GVT program named by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin is just what a bodybuilder like you is looking for. This system also called the 10X10 program, may have originated in Germany in the mid-seventies(hence the name).

As bodybuilding workouts go, this one is considered brutal. It utilizes supersets and triple sets with heavier weights and specified rest periods. The sheer volume of up to 100 reps per exercise, forces muscle growth. And that's what you want!

Here's How to do it...

In order to reach 10 sets of 10, you must choose the proper weight. Your beginning weight should be about 60% of your one rep max or something you could lift 20 straight reps to failure.

You will only do 1 exercise per body part in GVT. It's best to do multiple muscle movements like bench press and squats.

This intense program only requires working each body part once every 4-5 days.

Use strict rest intervals. Sixty seconds for single exercises, and 90-120 seconds for supersets.

Here is Charles Poliquin's Beginner GVT workout:

    Day 1 Chest and Back
  • (A)Decline Dumbell Press 10X10
  • (B)Chin Ups 10X10
  • (C)Incline Dumbell Flye 3X10
  • (D)1 Arm Dumbell Row 3X10
Key: Exercises A & B are super-setted and require 90 seconds rest between sets. Exercises B & C are supplementary, requiring 60 seconds rest and only three sets to avoid over training.

    Day 2 Legs and Abs
  • (A)Back Squats 10X10
  • (B)Lying Leg Curls 10X10
  • (C)Low Cable Pull Ins 3X10
  • (D)Seated Calf Raises 3X10

Key- see above

    Day 3
  • Off

    Day 4 Arms and Shoulders
  • Parallel Bar Dips 10X10
  • Incline Hammer Curls 10X10
  • Bent-Over Dumbell Lateral Raises 3X10
  • Seated Lateral Dumbell Raises 3X10

Key- see above

    Day 5
  • Off

Give the GVT program a try and let me know how much beef you've packed on.

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