Escalating Density Training

escalating density training

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Escalating Density Training

by Charles Staley is a world class strength and size program.

Charles Staley is a sports performance specialist who has trained elite athletes from many sports including Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding.

EDT is a simple and very effective strength program. EDT will make you sore, but the strength and size payoff is well worth it.

With EDT you are not concerned with sets, reps, time under tension or rest intervals. Your goal is simply to do more reps this workout than last workout.

How it works:

Alternate antagonistic muscle exercises in short sets in a specified time period. Staley's example is 20 minutes, (called a PR Zone). You will perform two PR Zones per workout.

Your weight choice is one that you can do 10 clean reps with. You will begin with alternating sets of 5 or 6. As you tire, you may reduce set reps to 4 then 2 and end the PR Zone with with singles.

Your goal is to do as many reps with good form as possible in the PR Zone. Do not work to, or near failure in the early sets. You may reach failure at the end as you try to beat your previous record.

After you are able to do 20% more reps than your original workout, increase the load by 5% and begin again.

The Workout:

    Monday- Lats & Elbow Extensors
  • PR Zone 1
  • A- Chin Ups
  • B- Lying EZ Bar triceps extensions
  • PR Zone 2
  • C- Seated Rows
  • D- Reverse grip tricep pushdowns

    Tuesday- Lower Body/Trunk
  • PR Zone 1
  • A- Back Extensions
  • B- Swiss Ball Crunches
  • PR Zone 2
  • C- Leg Extensions
  • D- Leg Curls

    Thursday- Pecs/Elbow Flexors
  • PR Zone 1
  • A- Bench Press
  • B- Low Cable Curls
  • PR Zone 2
  • C- Hammer Incline Presses
  • D- Preacher Hammer Curls

    Friday- Lower Body
  • Pr Zone 1
  • A- Alternating Lunges
  • B- Sit Ups
  • PR Zone 2
  • C- Seated Calf Raises
  • D- Russian Twists

    As strength training routines go, this one is a winner. Give it a try and watch your size and strength soar.

    This is only an overview of the Escalating Density Training system. You can get the complete Escalating Density Training system with this link.

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