Leg Exercises

Leg exercises are some of the most brutal of all muscle building workouts. But, they can pay some amazing dividends.

Hopefully you're not built like the "California Bodybuilder". That is a large upper body and little chicken legs. Ah, me either.

But if you would like to add some mass to your wheels, pay attention.

The M-F-T posse has outdone themselves this time. We have created the mother of all leg exercises list.

So before we pull a muscle patting ourselves on the back, here you go...

Check out our Squat Technique page.

"Squats are one of, if not THE most effective, growth-producing exercises you could possibly include in your workout routine. They will pack more size and strength onto your lower body than any other exercise out there, and due to their high level of difficulty, they also force your body to release higher amounts of important anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. This increased secretion of hormones will pack muscle size onto your entire upper body as well." This quote from Sean Nalewanyj, author Natural Bodybuilding Expert and author of Muscle Gain Truth- The No Fail System.

If you are looking for a program to help you pack on slabs of muscle, Sean's is it. Just check out the testimonials.

Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Beyond Bodybuilding says that adding the Good Morning exercise to your leg routine will make your hamstrings fill out like footballs. As a bonus you will make great gains on your squat with this exercise. This drill is a favorite of top Russian powerlifters. Another cold war secret revealed by M-F-T counter-intelligence.