Strength Training Programs

The following Strength Training Programs will get you ripped, yoked and stoked. These are some of the best "get strong" programs available. So read our take then visit the site to see if it's for you. Our goal is to get you muscled up.

Escalating Density Training Escalating Desity Training by Charles Staley-

Question- Are you happy with your current strength program? I didn't think so.
If you are looking for strength training programs that deliver maximum results in minimum time, then EDT is one of the best. Coach Staley has designed a ridiculously simple system than you can do in as little as 15 minutes a day, three times a week.

Testimonial- "I gained 3/4 of an inch on my arms in a month, arms went from 16” to 16 & 3/4. I was also able to max curl and max tricep press about 20 lbs more after EDT. I could see results occur weekly, which was really motivating."
— Kevin

    The Rundown:

  • Course Type- eBook Download.

  • Current Special- The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms- $4.95 regularly $49.95

  • Guarantee- 2 month money back.

  • Bonuses- 9 additional programs worth more than $300. (limited time offer).

Escalating Density Training

muscle gaining secrets

Muscle Gaining Secrets

"You’re about to discover what has been hailed as the most effective muscle building system ever developed" states Jason Ferruggia, designer of Muscle Gaining Secrets. This not one of those build muscle-burn fat programs. This is a hard core, hard hitting, no BS program. Take a look at some of the results on his site and you'll see why we recommend this program.

    The Rundown-

  • Course Type- eBook Download.

  • Current Special- Temporary Low price.

  • Guarantee- 8 week money back.

  • Bonuses- $1140 in courses, software and lifetime membership.

Muscle Gaining Secrets-

turbulence training for strength

Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne-

TT is one of the best body weight based strength training programs around. Craig Ballantyne has developed an intense workout that builds muscle and burns fat in only 3 days a week. So if want to trade your GUT for some GUNS, check this program out.

    The Rundown:

  • Course Type- eBook Download + a 60min mp3 Audio.

  • Current Special- 3 month membership to TT forums ($60 value).

  • Guarantee- 8 week money back.

  • Bonuses- 7 additional programs valued at $150.

Turbulence Training

bodybuilding eBook

Body Re-Engineering by Hugo Rivera-

In this program, Hugo teaches you how to gain muscle and lose fat with his bodybuilding techniques. This is a 21 Week Total Bodybuilding System that covers gaining muscle, fat loss, goal setting and supplementation. A version of this program was used by actor Colin Farrell to get buffed for a movie.

    The Rundown:

  • Course Type- eBook Download.

  • Current Special-

  • Guarantee- 8 week money back.

  • Bonuses- 2 additional eBooks & Diet ($80 value),
    Online Video Database ($40 value) Lifetime Updates ($67 value) Personal Support ($199 value)

Body Re-Engineering

bodybuilding revealed

Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink-

If your goal is to build lean muscle mass with increased strength and fitness, look no more. This program is endorsed by the who's who of fitness, including Charles Poliquin and Tom Venuto. The supplement review alone is worth the price of admission.

    The Rundown:

  • Course Type- eBook Download.

  • Guarantee- 60 money back.

  • Bonuses- 12 months Coaching ($149 value) and Knowledge Base, Diet and Meal Database, Video Database, Special Reports by Charles Poliquin and Craig Ballantyne ($65 value)

    Bodybuilding Revealed

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