Top Weight Lifting Exercises

weight lifting exercises

The M-F-T gang has compiled The list of Top Weight Lifting Exercises for you, our loyal viewer.

These are the tried and true, old school, best bang for your buck, free weight exercises for building muscle.

Some other websites and magazines have overcomplicated the weight training game. Their goal is to sell you the latest piece of muscle building gear or magic supplement.

And while a man has got to make a living, the truth must be told.

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    The Top Three Weight Lifting Exercises

  • Barbell Squat- The mother of all leg exercises, squats work your Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings and Erectors.

  • Barbell Deadlift- This exercise builds your Lats, Glutes, Erectors, Rhomboids, Teres, and Trapezius.

  • Bench Press- The Bench Press will build the Pectoral, Front Deltoids, Latisimus and Tricep muscles. For a tricep emphasis narrow your grip. A wide grip works the Pecs more.

Bowflex, Total Gym and even Bally's have a $50 alternative - Bodylastics!