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The Cheap Kettlebells Rundown:

You must be interested in Kettlebell Training if you found your way here. This page lists quality resources from which to purchase Kettlebell Equipment.

There is no sense spending any more money on Kettlebells than you have to. But, you have to be careful with some of these discount places. It's better to pay a little more to a reputable outfit than to take a chance with some fly by night company.

    Kettlebell Types:

  • Your basic kettlebell is cast iron, and painted black. For a higher price you get them in exciting fashion colors. Handle shape and thickness varies with manufacturer. A standard thickness is about 1.5" in diameter.

  • Kettlebells now come with a vinyl coating on them. This coating will help protect the flooring in your workout area.

  • Adjustable kettlebells are another option to consider. As you gain strength, you add more plates.


Kettlebells are obviously heavy items to ship, so try to find a supplier with a warehouse close to you. Some kettlebells are even shipped from China.

Best Resources for Purchase of Cheap Kettlebells:

Amazon.com-Kettlebells-lists over 300 pages of cheap kettlebells. You will also find hundreds of books and dvds, all with the Amazon guarantee.

Dragondoor.com- This site features Pavel Tsatsouline, the man who started the kettlebell craze in the U.S. Dragondoor caries a large selection of k-bells along with some very good DVDs and books. Beginners can get a quick start kit that has a kettlebell and a DVD. The bells here are super quality but a little pricey. A 10lb bell will run you about $75. plus shipping.

Mahler's Aggessive Strength Kettlebell Training- If you'd like some quality instruction as well as kettlbells, Mike Mahler is the man. Mike is an expert kettlebell trainer, offering seminars across the country. Mike offers some very good training DVDs. We have test driven a couple of them and can vouch for great quality and content. Mahler sells Lifeline kettlebells. This is a very good, reasonably priced product. A 35lb. bell runs about $48 plus shipping.

US Kettlebells - Adjustable Kettlebells- These kettlebells can be weight adjusted by adding or removing plates. They are color coded so you know the weight that's on the bell. They are of excellent quality and design. But they are not for jugglers or those who let their bells drop to the ground. US Kettlebells also sells traditional kettle bells and accessories. Their adjustable 9-25lb bell costs about $75 plus shipping.

MuscleDriverUSA- MuscleDriver carries three lines of kettlebells, Black Series, Gray Series, and Fitness Series. The Black Series is their top of the line. They are smooth sanded and painted with high gloss epoxy paint. Current sale price for a 35lb bell is $61 plus shipping.
The Gray Series is single cast and slightly textured. Current sale price for a 35 pounder is less than $50 plus shipping.
The Fitness Series are vinyl coated with a painted black handle. They are favored by therapists and trainers. A 35lb bell runs about $52 on sale, plus shipping.

I have just gained access to another great source for cheap kettlebells- eBay
I have personally purchased 2 pairs of bells at good prices. You can .

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