Kettlebell Workouts

It's hard to beat kettlebell workouts for getting in shape fast.

These tough workouts will burn fat, increase strength, develop flexibility and improve core stability.

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Modified German Volume K-bell Routine by Mike Mahler

    Day 1

  • Double Front Squat 10x5
  • Double Swing 10x5
  • Double Windmill 3x5 l&r

    Day 2

  • Double Military Press 10x5
  • Renegade Row 10x5
  • Double Windmill 2x5 l&r

Got to our

German Volume Training page for training specifics.

Modified EDT K-bell Routine

    Workout A
    PR Zone 1: 15 minutes

  • Double Military Press
  • Double Bent Over Row

    PR Zone 2: 15 minutes

  • Double Front Squat
  • Double Swings

    Workout B
    PR ZONE 1: 15 minutes

  • Double Floor Press
  • Renegade Row

    PR Zone 2: 15 minutes

  • Double Sumo Squat
  • Double Windmill alternate l&r

Go to our Escalating Density Training page for specifics on EDT routines.

5X5 K-bell Routine

    Day One
  • Double Military Press 5x5
  • Double Bent Over Row 5x5
    *note- alternate exercises until both sets of 5 are complete

  • Double Swing 5x5
  • Double Front Squat 5x5
    *alternate as above

    Day Two

  • Renegade Row 5x5
  • Double Floor Press 5x5

  • Double Sumo Squat 5x5
  • Double Swings 5x5
    *alternate as above

    Day Three
  • Alternating Military Press 5x5 l&r
  • Bent Over Press 5x5

  • Front Squat 5x5
  • Pistols 5x5 l&r
    * alternate as above

For a complete rundown of a 5x5 program visit our

Bodybuilding Routines Page.

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