Chest Exercises

Hercules, Hercules,

We know what you want...

You are looking for chest exercises that will give you the pecs of Hercules.

Drills that will give you a chest like Roman Armor.

Techniques to build some major pectoral muscle mass.

Luckily the M-F-T research team has done their due diligence on this subject. And we offer you, our favorite viewer, this treatise on enlarging your chest.

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Chest Anatomy Review:

Your chest is comprised of two major muscles. They are the Pectoralis Major and Pectoralis Minor. Hence the slang- I'm working my pecs.

The pectoralis major muscle runs from the breastbone to the humerus bone, attaching to the rib cage. The P-minor lies below the P-Major. It begins at your ribs and connects to the scapula.

The pectoralis major allows you to bring your arms across your body. The minor lets you push your shoulders forward.

There are two main movements for pectoral workouts- Benches and Flyes. Multiple variations of these two exercises attack the chest differently.

Bench Press
The bench press is your main mass builder for the chest if done correctly. Good technique ensures pec development.

Flat bench press works your middle chest. Incline bench works your upper chest. Decline works your lower chest and delineates the chest from the abs. It helps your chest look thicker and fuller.

Beyond Bodybuilding author

Pavel Tsatsouline offers these bench press tips-

For shoulder safety, maximum power and best pec overload, do the following.

Lie down on the bench with your chest pushed out and your shoulder blades together. Try to push your shoulder blades down towards your feet.

Plant your feet firmly. Take a deep breath and tighten your core then unrack the bar. Next pull the bar down while pushing and stretching out the pecs. Hold your breath on the way down.

After the bar touches your chest, push it towards your feet. Imagine that you are pushing yourself away from the bar. Your upper back will feel tight if done correctly.

Two more tricks:

1-Flexing your biceps will help you feel your pecs more.
2-Flare your elbows and imagine that you are trying to bring your hands together by shortening the bar.

chest exercises Chest Flyes
The chest flye is an isolation exercise and can be used after your benching. Since you can't use very much weight, it's not as effective as the bench press.